History of the Use of Ozone in Dentistry

Compared to molecular Chlorine, Ozone is 5 times stronger in destroying viruses, bacteria, and germs. Unlike Chlorine, Ozone does not have an overpowering and strong scent. All the same, Ozone is so powerful, enough to kill the chlorine odors. Ozone that has just been generated is unstable. As a result, the molecule is split by one of oxygen’s three atoms. It then joins itself to whichever article or pollutant that it comes across. The oxygen article that splits the molecule then oxidizes the particle or pollutant. This essentially takes away the toxicity of the particle. If the particle was biological, this oxidation will also take away its ability to reproduce. That means that the particle that was toxic will now be harmless. The atom from oxygen that oxidized the article also gets destroyed in the process. What this means is that the oxygen is left with only two atoms i.e. O2. This now is pure oxygen. In just between 20 and 30 minutes, ozone gives up one of its three atoms, thereby breaking down into regular oxygen that has only two atoms. To get any benefits from an Ozonated liquid, you will have to do so within the first 30 minutes. That said, Ozonated oils behave a little different due to their density as well as their specific gravity. Certain oils also have some natural properties that tend to become awfully dense if they are subjected to incessant Ozonating processes.

Fishing was a primal trade for Native Americans. They had noticed a connection between getting a good catch and a bizarre scent, every time lightning would strike following an electric rainstorm. The ancient Greeks were not left out in this discovery. They also noticed the smell and went ahead to name it ‘ozein’. As a result, just like the Native Americans, they would typically go fishing immediately after a rainstorm. That practice has survived to this day. This is the explanation for the bizarre natural phenomenon. During the period that immediately follows an electric rainstorm, water in higher layers of rivers and lakes is enhanced with oxygen that is diluted. As a result, this water is naturally Ozonated. Harmful viruses that cause diseases in fish are destroyed the moment the layer becomes Ozonated. The Ozonated water creates what is essentially healthier fishing water. Therefore, the fish found in these upper levels of waters in lakes and rivers will typically be healthier. There exists scientific documentation about the apparent positive influence Ozone has on the digestive systems of a number of fish species. That is why in today’s fish farms, people use ozone to keep bacteria, viruses, and deadly toxins out of the fish farming water. This way, fish farms are able to produce healthier fish.

Ozone finds its most frequent use in water treatment. After a study of the Ozonation system in Holland at the Oudtshoorn plant in 1906, a group of doctors and scientists constructed a water plant at Nice in France. The researchers used ozonation in the 19,000 m3/day plant to disinfect the water. That is why Nice, France is seen as the modern world’s birthplace of treating drinking water using the Ozonation method. Today, more than 2,000 cities across the globe use the ozonation system to purify their water. These cities include Los Angeles, Paris, Moscow, and Montreal.

Applying Ozone In Medicine

Ozone began to be used for medical purposes in 1915. This is when researchers discovered that ozone was effective in disinfecting skin diseases and wounds in Germany in the period of the First World War.

Microscopy improved and it led to the discovery that ozone could explode the membranes of bacteria, yeasts, viruses as well as anomalous tissue cells creating holes through them. As a result, the anomalous tissue cells, viruses, bacteria, and yeasts would die. Researchers in Germany dedicated a lot of their time and effort in studying Ozone during the early years of the 20th century. In those years, ozone found a lot of use in treating patients who were suffering from ulcerative colitis, incessant bacteria diarrhea, Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disorder.

In addition to being an oxidizing agent with great power, ozone is also an extremely potent nonchemical disinfectant. What makes it stand out is its unique ability to discompose to a nontoxic, harmless and environmentally safe gas we call oxygen.
Ozone has been put to many uses in Europe, including removal of odd colors in water meant for drinking, removal of certain odors and tastes, viral inactivation as well as bacteria disinfection. The ozone’s strong oxidizing power is responsible for most of these applications. Across Europe, ozonation is a recognized method in water treatment and it is the preferred method of inactivating viruses for most countries there rather than using chlorine to disinfect the water.

According to some documented scientific studies, increasing the quantity of oxygen in our bodies alkalizes it, creating an atmosphere where no disease can exist. Water represents a perfect way of getting oxygen into your body. According to past tests, if you consume oxygenated water you will increase the amount of oxygen in your blood. When your blood has high levels of oxygen, it will not be easy for diseases to grow.

More than 90 percent of all sicknesses and diseases are caused by airborne bacteria, water, and viruses, including the flu and the common cold. Ozone has the ability to kill microorganisms just like chlorine. Ozone uses ‘direct kill attack’ as well as oxidation of the organic material to sterilize. Compared to chlorine, Ozone kills bacteria 3,500 times faster. Ozone destroys viruses as soon as it comes in contact with it. The destruction is instantaneous, foolproof and safe. Ozone is the universe’s own purifier. It is greatly preferred because it does not add anything during its sterilization action. That is why it is referred as the ‘add nothing’ agent of sterilization.

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